Who We Are
OAI Consulting, known as Ocean Associates, Inc. within the fisheries and oceans communities where we started, was established in 2003 by Dr. John T. Everett, who serves as President and one of OAI's Senior Associates. Kristin Vehrs is Majority Owner and CEO, responsible for the overall management of OAI. The company is designed as a flexible organization with a management team available 24/7/365 and able to service our customers around the world. Our employees can be found in locations from Gloucester, Massachusetts to the Western Pacific Island Territories, and from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

OAI is comprised of experts on scientific and administrative projects, aquaculture, wildlife health and conservation, data management, modelling, Information Technology, engineering, acquisition office support, accreditation, outreach and education, and Federal policy, regulation, and law enforcement support. We employ Program Managers, Senior Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Environmental Policy Experts, Data Management Experts, Statisticians, Field and Research Scientists, Laboratory Scientists, deckhands, boat operators and others in a wide array of subject areas. Our Senior Associates are seasoned professionals in their respective fields who provide expert advice in support of ongoing efforts with our Project Management Teams.

Our Mission - We are committed to leveraging nearly 20 years of expertise in scientific program and project management, strategic planning, professional support services and stakeholder engagement to help our clients understand organizational management and environmental issues and develop innovative and flexible solutions to bring about positive change.

Our Vision - To become a business partner of choice for Federal and state agencies, consewrvation organizations, and the business community in providing scientific, administrative and technical services through innovative means which are cost effective as well as time efficient.

Our Values - Leadership • Integrity • Flexibility • Efficiency • Responsiveness

For our Clients: OAI strives to maintain a reputation as a trusted partner. We increase our value by tailoring efficient and effective strategies for clients. We provide and further develop relevant and professional expertise to help our clients achieve innovative management solutions.   For our Employees: OAI is passionate about attracting, developing and inspiring diverse talent. We aim to provide an extraordinary employee experience where support, communication and safety are paramount.

Our largest Federal customer is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the Department of Commerce. The skills and experience we have developed and acquired directly translate to the mission areas of all Federal agencies. Our primary focus is on supporting Federal organization management, environmental research, IT, regulatory, and stakeholder engagement programs.

Where we are going: Our goal is to grow and adapt with the changing needs of our clients and the shifting environment for Federal agencies. OAI will continue to provide outstanding, innovative scientific, administrative and technical services that are both cost effective and time effficient.

OAI is licensed with employees in 14 states and has consultants and sub contractors in several other states and countries.

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