Ocean Associates, Inc

Ocean, Fisheries and Management Consultants   



OAI provides professional consulting services to government organizations, the private sector, academia, and UN agencies. OAI experts have carried out ocean and fisheries projects throughout the world. Our experts couple diverse work experiences as scientists and senior managers with exceptional educational backgrounds and contacts throughout the United States and world-wide.

Teams of OAI Associates and affiliates can be fielded quickly, anywhere, to do analyses, plans, evaluations, and technical reports on -
      • Commercial and Recreational fisheries
      • Fisheries and wildlife conservation
      • Aquaculture - freshwater and marine
      • Issues in aquatic ecosystems
      • Ocean issues, remote sensing, and oceanography
      • Marine fisheries research and management
      • Fisheries in developing nations - research, development, and management
      • Climate change impacts on freshwater and marine systems and fisheries
      • Planning and evaluation of Environmental Projects
      • Research vessels and facilities










































Recent Projects and Clients of OAI's Associates (2000 to present)*

• Pacific Islands Aquaculture Marine Mapper Applications for offshore site selection: Main Hawaiian Islands; Guam & CNMI; and American Samoa. NOAA
• Alaska Steller Sea Lion population assessment. NOAA - Press release
• Provide admin and IT and scientific and regulatory support: acquisition/ scientific/ regulatory offices: NOAA.
• At-Sea Seabird Population Estimates, Hawaii archipelago and ETP. Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC)
• Provide scientific and technical support to NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries.
• Support fisheries and marine mammal research in the Arctic and Antarctic from the land, air, and sea - crabs fish, whales, dolphins seals, and sea lions, etc. NOAA
• Provide DOD Defense Logistics Agency energy supply chain mgt.: DLA
• Provide eBusiness & supply chain and training support to coal, iron, and diamond mining industries in USA and Canada.
• Develop oceanographic ship acquisition & oversight plan for India. ConstructionAscent, India
• Alaska Steller Sea Lion population assessment. NMFS - Press release
• Provide salmon ecology research and environmental impact analyses in CA, WA, OR, and ID river and estuarine systems. NOAA.
Analyze how social factors influence farmer and regulator actions on West Virginia pollutants reaching the Chesapeake.
• Provide fund-raising support to the International Fisheries Observer Conference. NOAA/OAK Management, Inc.
• Provide support to protect, conserve and recover anadromous fish (e.g., salmon) and their habitat (under ESA and MFCMA). NOAA.
• Provide protected resources (marine mammals and sea turtle) program support: cruise staging, species counting and identification, sample archiving, data analysis, and admin support. NOAA.
• Provide Science and Technology support to several NOAA facilities on IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery) contracts. NOAA.
• Provide fisheries stock assessment support: bluefin tuna, squid, mackerel, sardine, plankton sorting and analysis, reproductive tissue analysis, admin support, and CALCOFI support. NOAA.
• Testify in Congress on Ocean Acidification, the BP Oil Spill, and Climate Change Impacts to oceans, coastal zones and fisheries: US House & Senate.
• Provide Secretariat support to the InterAmerican Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles. IACPCST/National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.
• Testify in Congress on menhaden fishing legislation. Menhaden eat far more than just algae: US House.
• Provide report to the New England Fisheries Management Council on (1) the validity of citations in its documents affecting the sea scallop industry, (2) a review of the quality of scallop dredge impact research, and (3) determine if there is support for an hypothesis about how dredging improves productivity. Fisheries Survival Fund.
• Provide analytical report on proposed menhaden fishing regulations, including stock assessment, ecosysytem modeling, and bycatch. Omega Protein, Inc..
• Draft the Federal Oceanographic Fleet Renewal Plan to include renewal plans for all 48 federally owned and operated vessels engaged in oceanographic research and surveys. CORE.
• Provide support to NOAA Aquaculture Program, preparing presentations, analyses, and meeting protocols, and drafting the NOAA 10-Year Plan for Aquaculture. OAR/NOAA/OAK Management, Inc.
• Develop computer model to determine the environmental effects of offshore aquaculture of cobia. NOAA/OAK Management, Inc.
• Develop outreach materials for the NOAA Aquaculture Program and assist in outreach efforts, including an Outreach Plan, graphics, and training for staff. NMFS.
• Provide support to NOAA Fisheries Financial Services Program, preparing loan analyses, training staff, and preparing correspondence. NMFS/OAK Management, Inc.
• Present keynote address at seminar on Impact of Climate Change and possible adaptation strategies for Gulf of Maine Fisheries. Sierra Club and College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor Maine.
• Prepare funding proposals on Fisheries Stock Assessment and on Seafood Inspection and Certification for Export for a Middle East country. Larsen Global Consulting.
• Establish and manage the UN Atlas of the Oceans. The Atlas is CD-ROM and Internet-based, containing information relevant to sustainable development of the oceans and to the advancement of ocean science. FAO.
• Coordinate NOAA inputs to the UN Atlas of the Oceans and serve as NOAA Point of Contact. NOAA.
• Prepare the Profile of US Fisheries, a comprehensive analysis of US fisheries including recreational and commercial, freshwater and marine, aquaculture and capture, and processing and trade and Information On Fisheries Management of the United States. NOAA.
• Prepare overview of US west coast fisheries management strategies and tools, issues, activities, and the challenges and opportunities for policy-making and regulatory aspects. FAO.
• Develop plan and recommendations for relocation of laboratory personnel and materials. NOAA.
• Coordinate state-Federal recereational and commercial fisheries programs. NOAA.
• Prepare comprehensive analysis of the status of aquatic habitats upon which US fisheries depend. Includes habitats from freshwaters to open ocean environments. Our Living Oceans-Habitats.
• Prepare the comprehensive Strategic Plan for Fisheries Research to guide NOAA’s fisheries science including role of Federal and cooperating scientists and research vessels, and the role of advanced sensing and by-catch reduction technologies. NMFS.
• Prepare Code of Conduct for responsible aquaculture in the US Extended Economic Zone, conducting five national workshops for stakeholders. NOAA.
• Conduct Stock Identification of Tautog (Tautoga onitis) in the Middle Atlantic Bight using Microsatellite DNA to guide fisheries managers. State of New Jersey.
• Identify investment opportunities in aquaculture and their environmental impacts. Saudi Arabia and World Bank/FAO Investment Centre.
• Prepare white paper on upgrading the NOAA mariculture program. NOAA.
• Develop aquaculture country profiles. FAO.
• Prepare a global study on aquaculture to provide strategic orientations and recommendations for World Bank client countries and suggest approaches for the Bank’s role in a rapidly changing industry with high economic potential. World Bank.
• Evaluate the global information base on status and trends of aquaculture and recommend options for improvement. FAO.
• Review legal frameworks and institutional arrangements for the sustainable development & management of aquaculture in Iran, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia and prepare proposal to develop guidelines for polices, codes of practice and regulatory frameworks in member countries of the Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI). FAO.
• Assist work to improve national statistics on marine aquaculture. NOAA.
• Preparation of a biennial flagship publication of the FAO Fisheries Department. Status of Fisheries and Aquaculture. FAO.
• Promote and manage a series of constituent educational and outreach symposia and other fora focused on marine recreational fishing. This included an issue- specific national symposium, a meeting of federal and state marine fishery managers to improve cooperation and an evaluation of foreign trade barriers which impede exports of U.S.-made marine recreational fishing products. NOAA.
• Ship & Field logistics, sci. & eng’g support: Arctic, Antarctic, remote islands: On land, ships, ice – from rivers and Great Lakes to the high seas: NOAA and EPA.

* Not a complete list