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OAI provides professional consulting services to government organizations, the private sector, academia, and UN agencies. OAI experts have carried out ocean and fisheries projects throughout the world. Our experts couple diverse work experiences as scientists and senior managers with exceptional educational backgrounds and contacts throughout the United States and world-wide.

Teams of OAI Associates and affiliates can be fielded quickly, anywhere, to do analyses, plans, evaluations, and technical reports on -
      • Commercial and Recreational fisheries
      • Fisheries and wildlife conservation
      • Aquaculture - freshwater and marine
      • Issues in aquatic ecosystems
      • Ocean issues, remote sensing, and oceanography
      • Marine fisheries research and management
      • Fisheries in developing nations - research, development, and management
      • Climate change impacts on freshwater and marine systems and fisheries
      • Planning and evaluation of Environmental Projects
      • Research vessels and facilities



















































































Employment Opportunites - OAI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Hiring Now: Recently Filled Positions


Fisheries Biologist II
Ocean Associates, Inc. is seeking a Fisheries Biologist II to support the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Northwest Fisheries Science in Seattle. WA. We provide personnel support services to government and industry clients for marine fisheries and protected species. The incumbent will assist with investigations of freshwater, estuary, nearshore,and marine habitats of the Pacific Coast. For more information: Fisheries Biologist II

Biological Technician V
Ocean Associates, Inc. (OAI) is seeking a Biological Technician V to provide scientific support on contract to the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Kodiak, Alaska. OAI provides technical and scientific personnel support services to government and industry clients for marine fisheries and protected species. The incumbent will assist in research activities in a state of the art seawater laboratory where search is conducted to develop Crustacean culturing techniques. Focus species currently include golden king crab, Tanner crab, red king crab, and blue kingcrab. This will be full-time position with approximately 2000 regular and as well as about 100 overtime hours during a period of performance during ASAP through, 2015 – November 1, 2016 with two one-year options. For more information: Biological Technician V

Senior Analyst: Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation and Recovery Specialist
Ocean Associates, Inc. (OAI) is seeking a Senior Analyst to support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Office of Protected Resources (OPR) to assist OPR in carrying out some of its required functions related to the conservation and recovery of marine mammals and sea turtles under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA). For more information: Senior Analyst: Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation and Recovery Specialist

International Policy & Analysis – NMFS/International Affairs
We are seeking applicants who are experts in international policy with an emphasis in fisheries management. Qualified applicants will be kept on file and referenced first when anticipated openings arise. Please include your present commuting area, and whether you are willing to relocate if responding to this position. For more information:International Policy & Analysis

Communication Specialist - all areas
Seeking a Communication Specialist. Locations, salary and length of employment will vary due to the contract being filled. For more information: Communication Specialist

Earth Science Professionals: All levels $14-$59/hour with Excellent Benefits
Ocean Associates, Inc. provides administrative, scientific, and technical personnel to support federal and international agencies working on ocean, coastal, and freshwater natural resources, whether biological or non--biological. This advertisement is for non-biological employees at all levels. We frequently must fill positions quickly when an existing staff member departs or when we win a competitive contract to provide services.

Resumes of respondents will be evaluated and filed for review by our project managers. We will contact you when an opportunity matching your background arises.

Most worksites are at federal facilities on coasts such as regional scientific centers or offices that develop and promulgate regulations and monitor their performance.

Our employees may acquire, analyze, and manage data and publish the results; organize and conduct workshops and other meetings; facilitate decision making in a complex environment with diverse stakeholders; propose and monitor regulations; advise industry and environmental groups; and otherwise support federal natural resource agencies.

Topics may include sediment transport, habitats for living organisms, climate change impacts, pollution, satellite and buoy data systems, research planning and evaluation, water chemistry, groundwater supply and condition, and other areas of physical science and technology.

Applicants for non-clerical positions must have education or experience in physical earth sciences such as oceanography, geology, geography, and environmental chemistry. Knowledge of GIS, laboratory and office analytical software and techniques and equipment, experience and ability to go to sea, and strong writing and presentation skills are important.

Clerical positions include receptionist, bookkeeping, arranging and accounting for travel of staff, office timekeeping, and similar duties. Experience is required and education or training is a plus.

Work may be part-time or full-time, short-term of a few months or long-term, such as five years. A benefit package is immediately available for full-time employees on a three month or longer assignment. Our benefits are in the top tier, comparable to those of federal employees.

If you wish to be considered for positions such as this please submit your resume in response. Be sure it contains:

Please include your salary requirements, your present commuting area, and whether you are willing to relocate. We suggest you add this information, or anything else you wish us to know, to the top of your resume or a preceding page so that everything is in one document.

Apply at https://workforcenow.adp.com/jobs/apply/posting.html?client=oceans&jobId=18732&lang=en_US&source=CC887213





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