OAI Consulting (OAI) provides consulting and technical services to the U.S. Government, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and the private sector, specializing in scientific program and project management, strategic planning, professional support services, and stakeholder engagement.

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OAI’s organization is designed to provide the highest level of expertise to its clients at the fairest cost. OAI is licensed with employees in 16 states plus contractors in additional states and several countries. OAI is known as Ocean Associates, Inc. in the oceans community where we started. OAI is a Virginia corporation established in 2003, with headquarters located in Arlington, VA.

Humpback whale breaching
OAIs Bill Newcomb piloting research boat
Sea kelp

Program and Project Management Research and Field Operations Technology and Innovation Policy and Regulatory Support

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"Thank you for all of your help and creativity in meeting our needs. AERD does not have a lot of task orders, but our working conditions and needs can be challenging. I appreciate that you and others at OAI have always been responsive to our questions and found ways to meet our needs."

-Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries




"You are awesome and really accessible and helpful to us! It really makes a big difference for us when we are 'way-out-west', and for others further afield I am sure. Plus it is really grounding to know that the company we work for cares about us and communicates knowing we also have close ties with the agencies we work with. I think you all do a great job finding that balance."

-OAI employee



OAI Employees are regularly recognized with the NOAA Fisheries Team Member of the Year award.




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